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We are a licensed and professional solar broker. There are so many different solar options out there so the choice to go solar can seem daunting. Our business is to make the transition easy and simple by connecting you with the best plan so you don’t have to do it yourself.
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Ignite Power was founded in 2019 and has quickly become one of the fastest growing solar brokers in Southern California. Most people have been pitched solar 100x and its hasn’t penciled out for one reason or another. There is a solar option that is beneficial for pretty much every type of home and situation but finding the right one can be time consuming and difficult. We have partnered with the top solar manufacturers to make finding the right plan as easy and effective as possible. We assure you, we can find the best way for you to start saving money and the planet.

15 year warranty

Our commitment to quality extends through our industry-beating warranty. Not only are our panels insured–your roof is too as soon as we’ve started work.

clean energy

We’re doing our part to provide CA residents with clean energy, before prices rise. With a federal mandate to be 100% clean energy by 2045, we’re helping thousands reach that point before incentives run out.

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Understanding how net metering can reduce your power bill can be a
confusing topic. While individual circumstances require a personalized, inperson consultation, this overview is a great place to start.

need more panels for your current system?

We’ve helped many people who were promised more power than their previous solar company provided. Our experts can complete a free analysis of your current system to see if your home qualifies for additional panels, without the additional cost.

Why Ignite?

Customer Testimonials

At Ignite Power, we go the extra mile to help our customers find the best plan to fit their needs. Just ask any of them.

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They explained everything to me really clearly, and when I took the time to look at it, I realized I couldn’t afford not to do this. It just made sense.

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From the minute Ignite knocked on my door, everything just changed to go in the right direction. All the information they gave me was very specific, which helped much more than the last solar company I used. You know when someone is being honest, you can just feel it?

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Ismael & Susana

Nos explicó todo, y lo todo bien. Lo que nosotros nos encantó del el, es que tuvimos mucha confianza en ellos. Simplemente se nota en la persona—como habla—como es espresa—que sea una persona buena.

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It was quick–so much faster than I expected. They got me a new roof to help me qualify, and have pretty much handled the whole thing. We’ve just been enjoying the perks.

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It was hard to believe in the beginning–seemed too good to be true. But everything has happened the way they said it would. It’s really nice not to get screwed!

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Interested in a career with Ignite Power? Learn more about what sets us apart as qualified solar brokers, and why our customers love us more than any other company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you guys make money?

There is no upfront cost for the project. The solar company makes money by selling cheaper power to the home and collecting government tax credits.

What happens to my roof?

The solar company will warranty their work as well as the roof from any leaks or damage.

What happens when I move?

Everything will be transferred in escrow and the new owner will assume the cheaper solar bill at no cost.

What if the new home-owner doesn't want this program?

CA is requiring solar on all new homes by 2020 and requires the entire state to be 100% renewable by 2045. Most new homeowners see solar as a benefit, not a deterrent.

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